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Project by Theatre Day Productions.

Published on 27.11.2019


Audiovisual training for new digital content to reach new market outside Palestine.

In Palestine, 66% of qualified women are unemployed. To address this issue, WAVE, a technology-based training programme will combine digital animation, drama and storytelling to develop entrepreneurial, creative and technical skills in young Palestinian women. They will learn to create short videos with their smartphones, work with communities and turn improvisation, character analysis and development into new digital creative expressions from Palestine that can be distributed through international festivals and regional markets.

National and international trainers, using the latest digital technologies and software, will mentor these young women.

In parallel, the project will develop a five year strategic plan towards the introduction of curriculum on digital audiovisual production at a Palestinian university or public institution.

Theatre Day Productions (Ayyam Al Masrah) aims to empower women and girls in art and culture and to support them as actor of social change in Palestinian society. They provide training in: writing, animation, lighting, audio & video systems, and women cultural leadership.

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