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Project by Africulturban

Published on 27.11.2019


Music creation as a tool for expression and economic development of women.

In Senegal, despite their important presence in the music industry, women often lack education and information. Gender equality, artistic creation and freedom of expression are priorities for “Africulturban” who works to support women and girls in Dakar to take ownership of their creative environments and develop their full potential. The project will provide a new digital training programme for young female artists working in the music industry to strengthen their technical and artistic skills. It will provide opportunities for cultural management training and for the production of new cultural expressions using digital tools.

This Human-Centred Design approach will help these young women to establish micro-enterprises and contribute towards achieving their financial independence.

In parallel, it will launch an awareness raising campaign to combat stereotypes and empower women to fight against discrimination in this sector.

Africulturban aims to establish an enabling environment for the creation and production of cultural goods to increase opportunities, for young and women artists. They established the first Hip hop festival focusing on women: Urban Women Week.

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