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Mobile Film Festival 2020: Call for Films on Women’s Empowerment

For its 16th international edition, the Mobile Film Festival has chosen to commit to the women’s cause through the theme WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT

Published on 25.09.2020

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With the topic WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT, the Mobile Film Festival wishes to approach very largely the feminist issues in a positive, constructive and activist way. The filmmakers are invited to create films according to the unique format that has made the originality of the festival for 16 years: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film. 

This year, the Mobile Film Festival will give 7 prizes, and in particular 2 grants to produce a film in an amount of 20,000 € each through its partners: BNP Paribas, that will support the International Grand Prize, and YouTube through its programme #EllesFontYouTube, for the French Grand Prize. These two grants of 20.000 € will permit the award winning directors to direct a short film in one year with professional resources and the help of a producer. 

The addressed questions in those films may be specific to the filmmakers’ country, to their culture or religion; these questions may concern the family, professional or intimate universe ; they will report inacceptable situations still too much present and they will also propose some concrete actions to ameliorate the situation; they may be global or local and especially they will highlight the fights of the feminist movement throughout the world for a real equality search. 

The Mobile Film Festival invites you to be creative, imaginative and activist through all forms that the cinema offers us of which the humour, the suspense, the science-fiction, the documentary… to promote Women’s Empowerment! To participate, please submit your films before Tuesday, 20 October 2020 at 23:59 GMT. 

For more information, please refer to the site Mobile Film Festival.